About The Public Commuter

I started traveling (for leisure) back in 2010, and the only platforms for keeping my memories are Instagram and Facebook.

Friends would often tell me that photos are not enough to recall my travel experiences and that I should come up with a blog  (and have it serve as my online remembrance). On top of that, it might be able to help other aspiring and active travelers who want to visit the places I went to.

It took a while for me to start this blog. I am currently working as an HR Professional in a BPO so my 12 daily hours are totally dedicated for this job. So starting a blog for me was totally difficult.

I only took courage to press that start button when I realized that I had too many places traveled and yet, I only have a few photos kept. I couldn’t even find some of the photos I took, which was heartbreaking.

The first few articles I wrote were a challenge, I am not a professional writer (and have no good writing skills) so coming up with appropriate or politically correct words to make this blog attractive was totally difficult. So I thought, maybe I’ll just write how I think it should be written, at least it’s more heartfelt than making it look or sound commercialized. Then, writing became more easy for me.

Why the public commuter? Whenever I travel, I travel like a local. I ride a jeep, train or tuk tuk. I eat street food or fine dine at local street side eateries. I sleep in capsules, hostels or even couch surf. As long as I can save on cost and gain the best local experience, then i’m for it! I want to show the world especially the Filipinos that traveling can be inexpensive. God created the world not only for us to dwell, but for us to explore as well!

So I am taking that chance while I am still able… I want to be a citizen of the world!


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