I survived the Php25,000 4-Country Challenge!

As you know, I was on hibernate mode for months because I have been too busy with my career transition. Now, I am happy that finally, we have managed our business quite well and got over the birth pains. Thanks to my partners and best friends who have been very hands-on in making this happen.

So if you want to fulfill your travel goals, start by getting a job! Check out @Infin8Jobs on Facebook to know more!

Anyway, if you are following my Instagram, I am sure you knew that I did a SEA (South East Asia) tour. Some of you have probably done it, while some are still planning on doing it.

While most pinoys are probably holding back to the idea due to safety and security which is pretty normal, travelling across SEA is definitely safe and CHEAP! With the hightened security across the border and the influx of foreign tourists doing it, I am pretty sure we’ll be alright.

For most travellers who have done the SEA tour, the common route is always Manila – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand. But for someone who is from Iloilo, I did the Iloilo – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Cambodia tour. It basically took me 11 days to complete the tour and I will share with you my itinerary and the detailed list of my expenses. And so far, this is the cheapest I got versus my past travels.

Since I have been to these places before (except for Cambodia), I will no longer detail my itinerary but I will create a separate blog for Siem Reap and Bangkok (asI had a different Bangkok experience this time).



We took the Friday flight out from Iloilo and arrived at around 1:55AM in Singapore. Since we only had a few hours in Singapore, all we did there was EAT as we have already visited most of the tourist spots in Singapore. Our bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur was in the afternoon so we have very limited time to do a lot of touristy things.

If you are interested to fly out from Singapore and have more time to bum around Changi Airport (which I also agree as the BEST airport in the world), take advantage of the free city tour. There are scheduled bus rides that take tourists around Singapore. Great deal, right?


Kuala Lumpur

We brought our bus tickets prior to our trip (www.easybook.com) and the cost of the trip was SG$21 (around Php800). Travel time was 6-8 hours including immigration check.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur at almost 8:00PM and just rested for the night. We only spent a night in KL as we will travel to Bangkok the night after.

It was a Sunday when we did the tour around KL. Good thing the city was not that busy. As usual, we only visited KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) for the towers and Batu Caves. We did it in only 4 hours as the sites are just within the city area. Basically you have nothing much to see in KL except for these two attractions so I suggest you either go outside of KL or transfer to another country.



Travelling to Bangkok by plane is easy and cheap. If you prepare your itinerary for at least 6 months prior to your actual trip, you can definitely grab some Air Asia tickets for as low as Php800. Since Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are quite far from each other, seat sale is a deal breaker.

We spent 4 nights in Bangkok. At that time, our Thai brothers and sisters were mourning for the death of their King. There was curfew, and most bars were not allowed to play loud music. It was actually a good opportunity for us to try something else. Will share to you my experience in my next blog, but expect that it will be all about food.


Siem Reap

I traveled alone to Siem Reap. And decided to take the plane.

A few months prior to my trip, I was contemplating on doing land transfer from Bangkok to Siem Reap. But the bad reviews, the hassle and the 8-hour trip made me decide to take the plane instead.

Think about this: a bus ride will cost you for about Php1,000 while a plane ride will only cost you Php1,500. My Php500 savings is not worth the 8-hour ride, plus the walk across the border and the overall hassle. Yes, you can definitely count on the experience but there is nothing to see while you ride the bus. For westerners, I guess it’s okay. But for Filipinos who had enough of rice patties and mountains, then I guess it’s not for us. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE PLANE.

Flying from Bangkok to Siem Reap is super easy. Approximate travel time is only 40 minutes (it’s like flying from Iloilo – Cebu). There are transportation services available in Siem Reap International Airport.

Will be posting more details about Siem Reap in my next blog!


Some may not agree with me but this was my actual expenses breakdown. If you are aiming to met the same budget for a similar trip like mine, then here are the top things you need to religiously follow:

  • Always target the lowest airfare. For you to be able to achieve this, you need to prepare in advance. Prioritize your entry and exit points (from and to the Philippines), then you can starting checking the rates for your inter country travels. Scoot, Air Asia and other budget airlines are your best options.
  • For Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, try using AirBnb. They can provide you with great and cheap options for your accommodation. As for Siem Reap, check our hostels near Pub Street. Most of the rooms range between Php200 – Php800.
  • Indulge in street food! Nothing can be more authentic that munching in the streets with your fellow travelers. There’s Hawker in Singapore, Padang in Kuala Lumpur, Night Markets in Bangkok and Street Kiosks in Siem Reap so you are sure you will never go hungry.
  • Always do your research. I am not saying that these places are totally safe. So it is best that you do a lot of research.


Questions? Hit me up!


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