After 9 months, I am finally back!

It’s been 9 months since the last time I published a blog and it took me hours to clear the cobwebs of this page.

You see, last year, I left my HR job and moved back (to Iloilo) for good. Then me and my best friends organized a crazy idea of putting up a business (because we thought we were ready for it). Fortunately, everything went well. Plus, I am currently working as an online content assistant for a fashion agent so the whole money making campaign has kept me quite busy.

Nine months of transition period was actually enough to finally revisit this site (yay!). I know that I owe this page some upgrades and new content so I will make sure that it’s going to happen! After all, the page’s renewal was automatically charged from my account so I was left with no choice but to continue

New content soon! And hopefully I will have the courage to try something new…

P.S.: I hope you like my site’s new look. 🙂


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