I walked the streets of San Francisco!

I walked the streets of San Francisco!

As we were ending our US assignment, we decided to take a transit trip to San Francisco.

My friend and I initially planned for a trip to Los Angeles, but since I have been longing to meet a close friend who is now living in San Francisco, we thought of visiting the place instead. So, Los Angeles can wait. 🙂

It was an overnight trip, but  a close friend volunteered to tour us around so were able to maximize our trip and we were able to visit all the famous sites in San Francisco.

San Fo, SFO (or San Fran as what other people call it), is one of the most famous cities in the US, probably because it’s one of the major international hubs for flights coming from Asia (California is located beside the Pacific Ocean).

The vibe in San Francisco is way different from New York or Texas. Very touristy, safe and very Filipino!

The Arrival and Day-1 Tour

We arrived at 12:00 PM in SFO and took Uber (which is way cheaper than my Uber trip in NYC) straight to the hotel. We booked at Minna Hotel in SOMA (South of Market) because of its proximity from downtown area. Location is pretty safe, rates are lower than the other hotels and rooms are quite clean (but small). Rates start at Php2,000 per night for 2 persons.

Since we arrived in the afternoon, my friend picked us up right away and we toured the city. On our first day, we already visited the following places:

1. San Francisco City Hall
2. Castro
3. Palace of Fine Arts
4. Fisherman’s Wharf

To cap the night, we had a sumptuous Filipino dinner at my friends’ place. Actually I was more of a family friend since I know all of them.

Day 2 and Departure

Day 2 was more exciting! Not only that I get to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was reported that the weather will be rainy (which is very rare in San Francisco). Good thing, it did not happen so we were able to follow the itinerary and able to visit the following places:
1. Golden Gate Park
2. Golden Gate Bridge
3. Fisherman’s Wharf (for the afternoon stroll)


Fisherman’s Wharf


The Golden Gate Bridge



A Japanese Zen garden inside Golden Gate Park


A view of Daly City from San Francisco

Food Coma

Since San Francisco is considered as a coastal city, a lot of seafood can be found. Two of my favorites are the lobster roll and Boudin’s famous Clam Chowder (heaven!).

Obviously, I did not spend a single cent (because of my very generous a rich friend lol).

I hope I get to return to San Francisco really soon.


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