Memoirs of Summer P2 (Episode 2): Guam, USA

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At last, I am finally in Guam!

Getting a cab from the airport to your destination is easy. There are numerous cabs from numerous operators available at the arrival area. And best part is that most, if not all drivers are Filipinos! So it was easy for me ask for directions and tips as Filipino drivers are overly accommodating especially when fellow Filipinos are on board.

It only took me 10 minutes to get to my AirBnB place in Harmon. But as expected, the rate was expensive. I spent $14 for the trip. So that’s roughly around Php600. That was my first and last taxi ride.

The place where I stayed in Guam was okay. Just right for the price I paid. And the host “Paul” was also nice. He gave me tips on what-to-do and where-to-go in Guam.

I took a quick nap and then off I went to Micronesia Mall to have lunch. The “Mall” as what locals would call it, is the biggest shopping centre in Guam. But just don’t expect too much, our malls here are way better! At least they have Macy’s! Since I was in a tight budget, I went to their food hall and surprisingly, their food kiosks have great options! I grabbed some meal at Panda Express and just like in any food place in the US, they go for big servings.

After lunch, I immediately took the bus going to the BEACH! What’s really nice in Guam is that you can walk the entire stretch of the beach, even if it’s in the private area (like Westin, Nikko, Outirgger, or Dusit). I walked the entire stretch and I really liked how clean and well maintained the area was. The beach front is comparable to our Boracay, but with less people (which for me, is 5 stars).

Day 2 – Beach Bumming

It’s always a good day at the beach! I stayed the entire day at Outrigger and got a good tan! I drank a lot of beer (which made me feel super dizzy) and had a great time. Also met a few locals which made my stay at the beach more fun!

Also met an old friend from home and gave me a tour at Two Lover’s Point.

When you’re in Guam, never miss to visit the place especially during sunset! I just had THE BEST SUNSET EXPERIENCE there! Imagine you’re on top of a cliff, and all you can see is the sun and the sea. No distractions, just you and the sun!

Day 3 – Shopping

Guam offers a lot of shopping options from high-end to outlet finds. Galleria DFS and Tumon Sands offer a wide array of high-end brands. But if you are into bargain finds, visit Guam Premier Outlets. My favourite place was Ross Shopping; I was able to purchase a lot of good finds with discount up to 70%.

For souvenirs, Chamorro Village is the best and cheapest option. But tour buses only go there during Wednesdays (for the night market). Another option is K-Mart where it’s open 24-hours. I brought a lot of food at K-Mart and the prices are way lower than the other shops.

Food – I got really curious with Lone Star Steakhouse so I went there for lunch. Steaks were really expensive but I went for it, since I wanted to try how American Steaks really taste like. And the verdict? Nah…  Not worth it.



Check out how my expenses went. Not bad for a US trip, right?


For me, I see Guam as a bigger version of Boracay and a smaller version of Hawaii. If you want to experience a little bit of America, the Guam is a perfect option!



7 thoughts on “Memoirs of Summer P2 (Episode 2): Guam, USA

  1. Great blog about Guam. I also had a ticket to Guam but I choose to let it go so I can save more for my US Mainland trip. I had a hard time budgeting Guam. I thought it will be very expensive. Anyway, glad you had fun.

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