Boracay Island: Finding Diniwid


Did you guys know that there’s a “cooler” place to hang out in Boracay? Nope, you can’t find it at beach fronts 1 – 3.


I might be too late to discover this, but during my recent visit at the island, we went to this place that they call Diniwid.


Less crowded than the main beach fronts!

For us to reach to Diniwid, we have a ride a tricycle from D-Mall and pay P100. It took us about 15 minutes to reach to the place.Then after a short walk to the beach front, we were welcomed by a majestic sunset view! Truly, Diniwid is now the “it” place in Boracay. No wonder a lot of foreign tourists hang out there.

One of the famous restaurants in Diniwid is Spider House where a lot of people (especially foreigners) hang out to watch the sun set. But if you don’t like the crowded scene, then you can just lie on the beach front, grab some beer, enjoy the view and think of nothing.


Spider House

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