Beyond Boracay: A Tour at Malumpati River

During the summer season, where the country is screaming for Mango Shake, Halo Halo and Vitamin Sea, we all think of the beach as the main cure, specifically Boracay.

And don’t we just love everything about the island? From day to night, Boracay is always open to cater us all.

But aside from the sea, the tan, the alcohol, the people, what else could be there? Is there something else beyond Boracay?

Sitting 31 kilometers from the main town of Caticlan (the gateway to Boracay) is a small town called Pandan in Antique. You might have not heard about this town yet but actually, Pandan is the home of the cleanest river in the Philippines: Malumpati. It is so clean; you can almost see the surface of the water. I guess some of you have heard of Malumpati from some local TV shows but you just don’t know where to find it. Guess what? Now you can!

To know more about Pandan and Malumpati. You may check out this SITE.


I have been to this place several times already. Pandan is my BFFs hometown so we would always come here whenever we take a trip to Boracay. And I guess you guys should visit, too! Believe me, spending a day in Malumpati is a must do experience if you are spending your vacation in Boracay this summer.

Imagine this: swimming in cold spring water (and you can drink it too), cool breeze from the mountain, trees all over, birds chirping… Now that’s a real treat from nature!


Now are you ready to go? Let me show you how!

This is the easiest and fastest way to reach to Malumpati. Approximate travel time is around 40 minutes.
There are buses leaving for Pandan every 30 minutes from Caticlan Jetty Port. Drop off at the following areas:
1. Doctor Fullon Hospital, since this is the closest drop off point to Malumpati (approximate travel time is 40 minutes). Then ride a tricycle from there (travel time approx. 20 minutes). Cons: Not much tricycle.
2. Pandan Public Plaza. Then ride a tricycle for about 30 minutes.



PRIVATE VAN cost will depend on your transaction. But typically costs around 1,000 for round trip.
PUBLIC BUS cost is at Php70.
TRICYCLE RENTAL cost is around Php100-Php150 depending on the number of passengers.
ENTRANCE FEE is at Php50

There are also tours available at Malumpati costing around Php500. The tour includes a boat ride and a visit at the main source of the river. It is said that the area enchanted as no one has ever reached the surface of the main source, so its depth was never measured.

Just like Boracay, it is best that you go there during summer. Visting there during wet season is not advisable since the rain from the mountains pass through the river and may be dangerous for swimming.

So this summer, If you are planning for your Boracay trip, include this in your itinerary. I’m definitely sure that you’ll have a great experience!

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