Japan Chronicles: My 8-day 4-City Expenses

Hello Guys!

As promised from my previous blog, I am sharing with you the expenses incurred from my visit in Japan. This is a testament that Japan is not an expensive city as long as you know where to eat, what to buy and how to save.

If your location has a direct flight to Japan, then you can spend as low as P53,220 for 8 days with SHOPPING!

If you want to just tour around Japan, then P45,220 is already good enough. This might be a little higher as compared to the other blogs due to the following reasons:

  1. I ordered a 7-day JR Pass amounting to P11,900.
  2. I rented a 7-day WiFi stick amounting to P1,000 (I need WiFi to I can still monitor work-related updates).
  3. I went there alone so I have no one to share with for the hotel cost.
  4. I did Universal Studios and Disney Sea (who the hell does not want both?!).

I want to enjoy Japan comfortably. And I want to experience all nice things that my hometown does not have. So spending P59k for my 8-day Japan trip is not bad at all!

Top tips to save more cost for your Japan trip:

  1. If you want an inter-city tour, do not purchase round trip tickets. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time travelling. Instead, fly in and out at different cities. What I did was I arrived in Osaka and departed in Tokyo.
  2. Do not eat at high-end restaurants. There are many food options to choose for a decent meal. You can even grab a full meal in convenience stores or combinis ranging from P90-P300. They also offer discounted meals, too!
  3. EAT AT MATSUYA and try their GYUMESHI for only Php100. It’s a beef+rice meal with miso soup. Tried it and I died. I had Gyumeshi for 2 days straight!
  4. Do not ride a cab! Just don’t!
  5. Purchase everything in combinis (water, snacks, etc.). 7 Eleven is your best friend!
  6. If you want to purchase a Shinkansen, take advantage of the unlimited ride. Only choose JR trains/buses.
  7. When purchasing pasalubongs, look for shops which has a tax-free sign. You can find a lot of these stores in Shibuya. Don Quijote is also a good shopping option.
  8. Go to shrines/places that does not require you to pay for ticket fees.


I you need clarifications. Let me know. i am more than happy to respond to all of your queries!



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