Hong Kong for long weekends

Last year, I was searching for 2016 PH public holidays for long weekends and I stumbled upon this site. I am glad that this 2016, we have 9 long weekends which means – more time to travel!

So I booked flight to Hong Kong and traveled last month. This is the 4th time I visited Hong Kong and never got tired of coming back! Aside from the fact that it has more direct flights especially in my hometown which is Iloilo, it is more practical than going to Manila. It can’t be cheaper (of course), but the fact that you got a stamp and went to a different country makes more sense.

If you are planning for a long weekend getaway, then Hong Kong is your best choice! You can always go to Manila, why not try a different country this time?

During my last visit, challenged myself to beat my previous Hong Kong cost which was at Php19,218And guess what, I was able to save P3,203! I spent a total of P16,009 for 4 days and 3 nights!

I also went to Manila last week and made a comparison. I’d like to share this with you so that you can see the difference. Please note that this comparison does not, in any way discourage people to go to Manila. This is just a mere comparison to provide you with travel options.


If you look at it, You just need to shed Php1,000 more per day and your Hong Kong vacation is on its way! But before you do this, you need to consider the following:

  1. Scout for cheap CEB flights.
  2. Only book hostels for cheap options (Mongkong area is your best location).
  3. Only eat at street side restaurants. It’s more authentic and fun! And also closely monitor your food expenses.
  4. Take the bus for airport transfers. MTR to commute within the city.
  5. Take a bus if you want to check out Victoria Peak. A tram is more expensive.
  6. Never take a cab!

I am glad that there’s a direct flight from Iloilo. Hong Kong is now 1 plane ride away!


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