Japan Chronicles: My 8-day Itinerary


Now to end my Japan Chronicles, I am sharing with you my itinerary and incurred expenses in my 8-day tour in the beautiful country of Japan. Now, remember, the itinerary that I will be sharing can be your basis should you have future trips to Japan, but you can always add some trips in between if you want to explore more cities.

Japan Itinerary

Note that my actual itinerary was different from the itinerary I created for my Visa application. This is for the reason that I was not yet sure on the places I wanted to visit when I submitted my application. If you want to know more about my Visa Application, please check it here!

Next item, my expenses!



6 thoughts on “Japan Chronicles: My 8-day Itinerary

  1. Hello!

    Saw this link at PEx.

    I am quite interested in your Day 2 OSAKA-HIROSHIMA trip.

    I presume you used the JR pass 7 days, right? Can you pls share the time you spent for every attraction?

    It’s a day tour only, right? What time were you back in Osaka? And you still had time for Umeda & Dotonbori! You really move fast, don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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    1. Hello Mika!

      Thank you for dropping by my site.

      Yes, I purchased a JR Pass for 7 days since I wanted to cover as many places as possible. The travel time from Osaka to Hiroshima is 1h20m so it’ll take longer if you ride a bus.

      I took a Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka station to Hiroshima at around 1pm.

      I only went there for a day and toured around A Dome which is part of the Peace Memorial Park. After that, I strolled around the city since there were so many places to see within and outside the park. I left Hiroshima at around 6pm so that’s a total of 4 hours in Hiroshima. Arrived in Osaka at around 7:30pm

      I suggest you go there early to cover as many places as possible. Aside from Hiroshima, you can also visit Miyajima shrine. I will definitely visit that place when I go back to Japan. Check out HyperDia for the train schedule so you can match your trip.

      I traveled to Japan alone so I have the freedom to change, add or cancel items in my itinerary. It was my 2nd day so I was still hyper.

      Message me if you need more info. ๐Ÿ™‚


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