Japan Chronicles: Hiroshima

Whenever I think about Japan, I think about WW2, then I think about the atomic bomb, which leads me to Hiroshima.

Part of my itinerary was to visit Hiroshima – one of the oldest cities in Japan. Why visit the place? Because the city has always been part of our history books in high school and I think it deserves a visit.

Unlike Osaka, Hiroshima is not your go-to place for shopping. But it is highly recommended especially when you want a taste of the past and obviously, the city (or Japan in general) has played an important role in our history in the Philippines.

Going to Hiroshima is very easy if you have JR Pass. The best and easiest way to travel is through a Shinkansen especially if you want to visit the city for a day.


First things first: A-Dome


The Atomic Bomb Dome at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Visiting the Peace Memorial Park means you have already consumed 50% of you itinerary. From there, you will see a lot of interesting places with interesting stories.

What amazed me most was visiting the Atomic Bomb dome. Imagine, it was considered as the ground zero when the first atomic bomb in history was dropped on earth. From there, you can just think of how they lived their life after the explosion, families lost, a lot of children died – a lot of drama. Listening to the audio guide already gave me tears.



By the way, if you are thinking that Hiroshima is like a small city, then you are wrong. The city is actually booming with  a lot of skyscrapers and malls. So if you are thinking of going to Hiroshima, then it should be a done deal.


Only in Japan: Cosplayers everywhere!


Went to Sogo to order this for lunch! I was unprepared to taste their wasabi which was inserted inside the prawns.

I only visited Hiroshima for the day and wished i arrived earlier than what I scheduled. I will definitely come back and revisit the place to see more interesting attractions.


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