Bangkok Itinerary and Expenses

Bangkok is very close to my heart. The first time i went to this lovely city, I immediately told myself that there will be sequels after this, and I was right. I visited the city three times and never got tired of going back.

Just so you know, Bangkok is one of the cheapest cities to ever go on vacation. For people who wanted to have at least a 4 day full trip to Bangkok, I will be sharing with you my itinerary from the first time I conquered Bangkok (the second and third visits were all about drinking and partying so you will not appreciate it).

BKK Itinerary

Now as of the expenses part. Would you believe that if the world with be in your favor, you can actually travel to Bangkok in less than Php12,000 for 4 days?! See for your self!


If your city has a direct flight to Bangkok, that’s even lesser. So make sure that you include Bangkok in your next dream destination!


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