Bali, Indonesia: Everything is here!


Uluwatu Sunset

Selamat Pagi! It is always a good day in Bali!

Bali has always been in every traveler’s bucket list. It is known as one of the best places to spend summer due to its fine beaches and meters high waves which are adored by surfers from around the world. Plus, you will experience the unique Balinese culture.

Honestly, Bali was never in my travel radar. It just so happened that I wanted to avoid spending another summer in Boracay, or in any place in the Philippines where the beaches are plagued with tourists wanting a good tan (or a good selfie background).

The initial plan was to experience Songkran in Bangkok then head somewhere else. As I was researching on places other than Bangkok, I saw a perfect deal (through Air Asia). One way tour from Bangkok to Bali was only at Php4,000, so I immediately rearranged my itinerary and clicked YES for Bali!

As I was too excited for Songkran, the only time I researched about Bali was for my accommodation. It was pretty easy to look for nice places and location options (check out Trip Advisor). Since I am a beach bum wanting to check out waves and surfing, I found a hotel at Seminyak that’s quite basic but pretty decent and AFFORDABLE!

Check out Grandmas Hotel Seminyak, it’s like the Go Hotel of Bali. Rates start at Php1,000 but you can already enjoy all basic hotel amenities (and there’s a pool, too!). Winning piece: the hotel is a walk away from the beach.

The arrival: It was a long trip from Bangkok, plus the fact that I was soaked the entire night and never slept from the crazy partying in Songkran, made me feel super drained. Total travel hour was around 5 (though I think travelling from Manila has lesser travel time).

So you think Bali is like Boracay? No! Denpasar is well developed. The airport is architecturally photogenic.

Need to exchange your money for Indonesian Rupiah? Best option is to either use your ATM (BPI has better foreign exchange deals with lesser service charge) or have your PHP converted first to USD. Never exchange your local currency at the airport as you’ll be totally ripped off.

I kind of regretted that I did not take advantage of the airport transfer service of the hotel. Taxi rates (as you have not much of a choice) start at Rph150,000 or Php500 if you are travelling to Seminyak, so it will still depend based on your negotiation.


Since it was a short 3-day trip, let me summarize the things I did in Bali:

  • People Watching: head to Seminyak and check out the surfing scene. I was totally amazed how these surfers manage to play with those horrible looking waves. I tried it out and my skills were pretty bad.haha
  • Coffee Drinking: Bali is known for their Balinese Coffee. If you are a coffee lover, then Bali is your heaven on earth. When you are on a tour, try visiting one of their coffee farms and experience drinking their various coffee options then end up
  • Sunsets: Go to Uluwatu and enjoy watching the sun set from the cliff. Quite picturesque!
  • Cecak: Cecak or the monkey chant is a “must-watch” show. They perform at Uluwatu after every sunset.
  • Beach Bumming: Not quite satisfied with the nearby beaches? Check out Padang Padang for a white sand beach experience (Bali is not a wholly white sand island). Though I think we have better white sand beaches.
  • Surf: I don’t see the point why you shouldn’t.
  • Food tripping: food in Bali is pretty affordable. In every restaurant, you will never run out of options. Bali is not like any other foreign city where you will be bound to eat the local dishes. There, the options range from American to local. So you will pretty much get stuffed there.

    Try their signature sate dishes. My personal favourite is sate lilit ayam or chicken sate.

Like I said, I only spent 3 full days in Bali, but it was totally worth the experience. And guess what, you too can afford Bali! Check out my totally spending for 3 days:

Bali Expenses

If you’ve noticed, I have fewer photos since I made a video of my trip. Check out this link.

Do I want to go back to Bali? Definitely! There are more than a hundred great places to go to in Bali, which gives me more than a hundred reasons to go back.


2 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia: Everything is here!

  1. wow, is great to be hear that you have been in Bali !
    Me, as an Indonesian never try balinese coffee by the way, hahaha
    You inspiring me to trying coffee tour someday


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