Dumaguete: Not-to-miss things-to-do!

I have been to Dumaguete several times and never got tired of enjoying the simplicity of the city. I like how the city is poised as a perfect place to retreat and relax.


One of the nice things to do in Dumaguete is to stroll around Rizal Boulevard, or the locals simply call it “boulevard’. It’s a perfect place to people watch while enjoying the view of the sea overlooking Siquijor. And it’s not only that, there are a lot of restaurants lined up which actually reminds me of Boracay (I sometimes call it as the city version of Boracay).


SWEET TOOTH: When visiting Dumaguete, do not ever miss to try the famed Sylvannas at Sans Rival. So far, they have the BEST TASTING Sylvannas! I could finish a box (of 10) if I am not only wary of by blood sugar.lol

AFTERNOON CITY STROLL: Walk from Silliman all the way to the Cathedral and enjoy how the locals get busy. You will realize that despite of being a small city, there’s life in Dumaguete after all.


EAT A LOT: Dumaguete is known to have a lot of nice and fancy restaurants. Since the city is known to be flocked by international tourists, you will find a lot of restaurants serving Asian, European and American dishes. Drop by Gabby’s Bistro and order the famous baby back ribs and tell me about it!

PARTY HARD: Dumaguete is also a “university city” because of Silliman. So you think Dumaguete being small does not know how to party hard? No way! Their party crowd is actually way better than the other big cities. The last time I went there was during the University Celebration of Silliman and the parties there we more than awesome!


So when you are in Cebu or in Bacolod and you have more time to spend for some side trip, try visiting Dumaguete. It will definitely change the way you think of a small city.

By the way, you need not save a lot of money when you’re planning to visit Duma, everything there is unbelievably affordable/reasonable!

9 thoughts on “Dumaguete: Not-to-miss things-to-do!

    1. Hello Mo! Your budget will actually depend on where you will come from. But if you are in Dumaguete, there are hotels ranging from P500-P1k per night. Check out Novotel as they offer good rates. Food in Dumaguete are cheap as well. If you are on a budget, try Foodnet / Sta. Teresa. Transportation is not a problem as there are a lot of tricycles everywhere at P10 per ride.


      1. We’ll be coming from Cebu before going to Dumaguete. I’ve heard that there are ferries plying Cebu to Duma– or is it better if we just catch a bus to Liloan and have a ferry there? 🙂


      2. Hello Mo. I have never tried that route yet. But I believe travel time is just the same. For convenience, you may take the ferry. But if you want it to be more adventurous, take the bus! Have a safe trip!


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