Kuala Lumpur: An overnight affair

View of the city from Bagasta Guesthouse

View of the city from Bagasta Guesthouse

Actually, it was not an overnight affair. It was more of a 17-hour trip!

My trip to Kuala Lumpur was more of a “lay-over” since I was trying to find a way on how shorten my number of flight trips en route to Bangkok while excluding Manila as a transfer hub. Initially, the plan was to fly from Kalibo to Kuala Lumpur, and spend at least a night (24-hours) before flying to Bangkok the next day. However, due to some unforeseen work-related activities, I had to change my itinerary and fly from Iloilo to Manila, then to Kuala Lumpur. And because of the changes, I also need to change my tour plans.

So I mapped out a new tour plan and only focus on the 3 major Kuala Lumpur hot spots: Petronas, the City Center and Batu Caves. I wanted to make sure that I visit these 3 locations considering that I only have less than 7 hours to do everything.

Arrival: 12:00am

There are a number of scheduled city buses from KLIA to the city. For convenience’s sake, I booked Sky Bus online as I wanted to make sure that I have a scheduled ride to the city.

I arrived at the City Center around 1:00am and took a cab going to Bagasta Guesthouse.

I chose this hotel since it has a good view of Petronas Towers at night, plus it has a great street vibe until late night.

After I checked in, I walked around the streets near the hotel and was even able to eat the famous Penang Dish “Char Kwoai Tiao”. Although not really a fan of this dish, but the peanut-y taste made me finish the bowl.


Ready for some “quick” city tour at 10:00am

I had to be sleep-deprived to make sure my tour will happen. And to save time, I asked the hotel receptionist to grab me a cab and tour me around KL. We agreed on a tour for a price of MR100 (Php1,000++) which will run for 5 hours.

If you are on a tour in KL with plenty of time to spend, you can take the city train / bus and save more that 80% vs. taking a cab.



After the 5 hour tour, I asked the cab driver to drop me off at a street near the hotel since I wanted to experience eating at a “padang” – a hawker’s style food store. There, you scoop your own food and pay everything at the counter. I must say, it was worth the experience! I tried their curry dishes and it was heavenly. Nothing really beats street-style restaurants! I had a full meal amounting to RM10 which is about Php100.


After I had my well deserved lunch, I immediately checked out and took the bus straight to the airport.

It was a bit of a “bitin” experience, but it just made me want to visit Kuala Lumpur again!

Please see total expenses incurred:



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