The Public Commuter’s Guide to Hong Kong (Planning and Itinerary)

Planning to go abroad soon? Then Hong Kong should be on top of your list! For Filipinos, Hong Kong is the only destination that’s quite accessible from any part of the country. Plus, you can experience winter (without the snow) and Disneyland without going to other expensive cities.


In reference to my previous post about Hong Kong, I will be sharing with you some very useful tips on how to maximize your trip while spending less. Although you may read some similar blog posts in the past, this article is intended for people coming from Vis-Min wanting to travel abroad without experiencing the hustle and bustle of NAIA. Therefore, we will consider Cebu and Iloilo as our hub to Asia’s World City!

  • PLAN YOUR TRIP – Find a cheap flight!
  1. Cebu Pacific (5J) fly to Hong Kong using the following hubs:
    • Cebu – Daily
    • Iloilo – 3x weekly
  • BOOK THE FLIGHT! Do not waste a second on having second thoughts! The moment you see that flight tickets are cheap, grab it before it’s gone!
  1. If you are coming from the other provinces, you may opt to book them later. Domestic flights are low all year round so you may choose to book them a few months before your actual flight.
  2. Personal Note – Most of my flights to Hong Kong (from Iloilo) were booked through a promo fare. They basically range between Php3,000 to Php4,000!
  • GET a PASSPORT – If you don’t have one yet. Get more instructions on how to obtain a PH passport. Click on the link.
  • CHECK OUT HOTEL/HOSTEL RATES – I have previously mentioned on where to find cheap Hotels. I personally recommend you check out Hotels Combined and compare rates. I have stayed at the following Hostels:
    1. HK Hostel at Causeway Bay (1,500/night but if you travel in a group, it can go down up to 1,000/night)
    2. Dragon Hostel at Mongkok (1,300/night)
    3. Maple Leaf Hostel at Tsim Sha Tsui – (1,700/night) will not recommend since there not a lot of food options if you go hungry at night. But you can always go ahead and check this out.
  1. PLAN your ITINERARY – You can plan an itinerary without going through an agency since the spots are accessible through City Bus and MTR. All you need is an Octopus Card and you’re good to go! (If you have friends or family members working/living in Hong Kong, you may borrow their cards to save money, and that’s what I did).
  • Here’s my sample itinerary


Note that this itinerary is based on my previous travels. You can always modify your itinerary based on how you like it.

I will share with you the amount that I have spent in the next blog post. 🙂

Here’s a yummy noodle soup for you!




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