Nasugbu: Batangas’ hidden charm

Nasugbu is a first class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 122,483 people.

Several bus services provide transportation to and from Nasugbu. Jeepneys from Tagaytay City also enter and leave the town at a scheduled time. Within the town, tricycles are the main mode of transport. (Wikipedia)

The trip to Nasugbu was actually planned for our team building activity. So we thought that we will never get to enjoy the resort facility since we will all be swamped with a lot of projects. But as what they say: If there’s will, there’s a way! So we took advantage of our rest hours to swim in the pool and enjoy the enchanting sunset which left us all in awe.


Of course, there’s the mandatory groufie!



Sorry, I only saved a few photos. But I made a made a YOUTUBE VIDEO for you to see the nice places we visited in Nasugbu.

AND… I have no commuter tips to share. Like I said, it was a company initiated activity. 😦



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